Rules for attending the Rally

Up until the latest meeting with the Dallas authorities, we had been calling this a march. They have requested we call it a rally. So it is now a rally for Darlie. This will not change the web page name. The rules are as follows. 

We can not take up the whole sidewalk and must move out of the way of people trying to gain access to the Criminal Courts building. We can hand out flyers and have petitions signed. We can hold up poster boards and signs with support information on it. We can not be on the steps as the steps are county property. This might change as I am trying to gain permission from the county to use them as well. If you are a part of passing out flyers, you can not stop traffic in the road, but they can pull into the parking lot across the street for long enough to grab a flyer. If we encounter haters we must remember they have the right to counter protest and must remain respectful at all times. We are doing this for Darlie Lynn Routier.  We can use bullhorns to speak to the public with and to make our voices be heard a little clearer. We can approach people walking up to the courthouse to hand out flyers and to have petitions signed. If they walk away we can not be aggressive and follow them unless they are actively talking to us.

Check out the Google Earth link below to see the building and the walk way. 


For a Google Earth View of the Frank Crowley Criminal Courts Building